A Fallen Spider Tonight ___/`|\../I\ __

☆ ☆

Imagining a short story
☆ `

☆ ☆

journey of an insect from space

It will begin with

somebody is watching ..

behind the blinking space ..

million miles away from our mother planet..

there’s someone .

from source of illuminated dreams..

An angel like..

to study about the earth and life..

from the world of aliens..

an esoteric unknown species..

Don’t bother from where it is?..

coming closer to us

So please we start here..hold on!

Where do we go??

surprising guest going to visit..

Destination planet :E a r t h

Quantity : 0 N e

Living As : I N S E C T

at 20:00


Ah… there is something falling like …aaa ..
……an insect is falling down
…….eight legs..
that is..

A spider fallen tonight
with the glint in it’s eye

A quick recoil
after weaving
the stars with an aphotic sky

It’s a northern region
feeling cold
in the semidarkness of this land

It keep on travelling
the ground was warmer
Ashes of renowned end of earth
sea of sand ~~~

L o c : S a h a r a d e s e r t
suddenly a voice whispered in the spider’s abdomen..

have a good journey SP 218

telling indications for a minute

time is running out
they know about..
that ancient symb…

hold here..
there’s someone hidding

In this arid region
with some poison
there’s no confusion
some predators are waiting in dark
atleast a tiny hunger solution

This spider is tiny, ,..,
don’t go on the size of its brain.
cause he got a quick mind !
it’s not a prey of that kind !
to leave an attracting sign !

that’s what i find

It just wanna see that lonely tree which was killed ) :
Few decades ago :

Where is Ténéré Tree?It is lost in the map!

Can it be searched by a spider or crawler trap?

Going slow…

This insect staggering its steps |\../\
towards the way
in the moonless night

there’s a travel by azalaİ
carrying the support of their sight, fire of the burning light

After two miles riding furious

stopped suddenly

`’ `’
`’ ….

a group of birds
they are huge
like a storm came from up
given it a surprise
skeleton of a camel
dinner over of eagles

this little creature .
fired its web
on the golden wings
ready for take-off
don’t have passport illegal

the eagle noticed later when flying that a shiny thread tied

This bird of prey don’t care
how far it is
an unaudible spider screams!

below the clouds
everything is moving behind
beautiful slideshow
of seconds

living in a dream, dreaming in


after few hours


the spider reached

to a city of lights

sooner it will see a name

the D a

v i n c i

.`’ ____\—^—/\—^–/___
Moving to a new place , a state of voiceless charismatic smiles ( :

This small creature secernate
taste of distinct places visited
running away from several miles..

Aanh….there it is!
Lets go

de-attaching its rope

at a glorious height hadn’t hope

`’ ‘.-`–
while landing on
that bird flew so terrific
for laying eggs, the lovely place she had pick

Gazing up at the town
from tower Eiffel
having some
fame walking on parquet floor
for a while

When it was moving down the tower

the space-walky talky
mistakenly mashed up
all frequencies of earth
treating them as an advice

This noises!are taunting like assailants rehearsing manytimes[

Are mathematicians calculating the vibrations on hell?

the spider crushed that system as a waste
a silence after that

An era
war of pollutions
with chemical explosions
on the way of destructions
happiness somewhere

Barricading the road-lights
zooming in
the spider’s silhouette( /|\../|\ )

Is it the curator of the ARPNET?

Inside a museum
Louvre museum

Eight legs closer to the body and the jaws down ,,

The silence is waving
it goes seeking towards the brightness
walking like
a crawling spy around

Watching ”

the emptiest and the richest place

The spider keeping itself conceal

an albino! inside
the St-Germain l’Auxerrois(church) praying for the world to heal


on top of the building

There will be peace here
getting into a
cavernous space | \ [|

At the hour hand of huge clock of the church
observing the beautiful world
Lord had made in histories…


and then

the almighty
opening the treasure
.`, broken pieces of the keys
are buried beneath a human kind
The codes of reaching impossibilities

Humans had many choices…

but the one closer to the truth of the life got two

whether they want to unlock or not ?

Which truth they hate?

what’s wrong with it?

Is this the end of real human beings with unknown powers?

Will we live that old again,before we all end up doing just the same?

This Arnae is peering down, summoned all the memories of the adventure


Some hands with clicking gentle fingers on
the press or touch
Its like Peckhamian mimicry

and many such spider’s
Webs over around the globe must have fallen free

The humans living in Webs?

The spider is seeking
it is believing
in the ancient message

No idea how many they are?

the Cryptic contents
to help this planet
the unknown I.P’s

it’s a technical fight
to know it
What’s right?

It’s all like a mystery i don’t know what to go through
this night

The dark clouds are moving out

The spider will survive here till the sunrise
it might

I can’t wait,I have to go

[2 1 hr: 5 6 min
3 1st December 2015 ]

With a halting sound of the
old ticktock!
wincing and shivering spider
fallen again `
on the church’s entrance. l/\|

who is about to leave
this planet

Again the signal alarmed in its abdomen

Congrats SP 218 successfully visited planet Earth

In the end there it goes
blue flamed
small piece of stone
thrown in the shining lake
with an unlimited space
to join the stars again
in the shape of a diamond ace

disappearing between
celebration of new year
shooting crackers high in the air

I don’t know

will it be coming another year to see the change in the night?

the sun is on the other side
Folks are going sleepless
their windows of vision open tight
even in the midnight

I will be waiting for it
to come…as



Never say Goodbye….`İ

Special thanks for WordPress
Sir Dan Brown

thanks for the support

Thanks for everyone!
followers and readers

All rights reseved
|0 N ə +|


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  1. Happy Sunday to all the respected followers and readers!
    My first blog post of 2016
    “A fallen spider tonight”
    I hope all of you like it
    / – :,’
    Any feedback ?

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