“I don’t feel bad when there is something goes foolish by me for a lose,but instead i know by this,at last i will end up turning around with nothing…

but they will be the cracks on the mirror of my image that had been made for the same thing..

and the smile that has survived too long which gives me a hope to become what i should be,neither sooner nor late,it will be perfect as this world itself is…”

‘Whenever i turn my gaze around my background,

i don’t even feel i’m present in at-least a single round,

and when i feel i’m up i push myself down,

the previous nights that shook me internally!How?

when i visited those unknown towns,

nothing seems less to be get found..

Please listen

i can’t even tell it to someone

as i begun,it’s an immediate fun

they turn their backs off ,black clouds

I was back in the rays of the hidden sun

instead my thoughts are still partial,towards the other one

 real world is perfect.

The curiosity & reality, this world of carnivorous gravity

that same experience turning back again to me

Surely,nothing looks cynical to see..


N O T    O N L Y    R  O  U  N  D S ?


We all are turning ,living or not

getting into turns of turns

Whether it’s a Survival, whole Universe,the Ants gregarious meal,

Space mans and machines

micro-organisms,Sun-Flower and everything,the Birds, my wristwatch

T h e   P a g e s

F O C U S   O F    T H E   F O L K S ?

I S    T H E R E   S O M E T H I N G   L E F  T ?

T H E S E    T U R N S     E N D   A T ?

Y E S?
N O?

to still down our unstoppable mind in some or the other way……

all we are doing is..

H                O                P                     E

-Turns of turning  turns-





Any thoughts or questions?

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