The routines or schedules are that which keeps you working as you can make your time as useful as you want “the complete day“.
And the most important thing is to get the plan be made in the right way,in the way that you can distribute the work load and become focused on “one thing at a time” rule during the scheduled time period to move along with world adroitly.

To achieve one thing all
that one shall be doing is to get a gentle attitude and body gestures he wants to maintain to flare out the indispensable perseverance in

What will be lost when one have no plans,nothing “enjoy the day” ?Will it be called as ‘WASTE!’?
Who knows?

But it’s a way to keep oneself stable living in this various mixtures of patterns or conditions of life.

I don’t know how will you realize after reading it,but i don’t want to stress it too long.
But one thing..

‘It’s one and only one moment that you can’t get back..


It is you that can fill every day buckets with the sweat of your own

The gift that belongs to you’

Good,let’s change the channel

Different but reality

how other human beings are related to me?

Now i’ll show you how i look at it in my way,
everybody whom we meet whether they are relatives or just people.

Here i’m talking about just the relations of humans to humans from start till now,and to see

a Big Picture of what was or is or will be happening with you,me and everybody?

Who wants to be just the same as someone else was or is ?
Like one of the famous and suave peoples who exist or existed and had done work with their enormously veracious struggle to open the doors for the future growth and progress.

Why am i talking about them,do anyone can be affected or influenced with others who are around?

I know you will answer it.

You want to be different or someone else’s copy,it’s on you.

Those who had made the bridge for us in order to make the humans reach that futuristic point,but not without the discoveries that are made even earlier.

What can be rectified by the theory if it wasn’t made before time?

Humans had helped their future humans to reach the height this cycle goes on and on.

Appetites to reach the esteem apex of the pyramid

Just like everyone,i also wanted to to be a sand particle who can be the part of that multi-faced pyramid.

As it i don’t know how much corners or edges it had at the base.

Just like you and others who cannot be identified uniquely…

A particle

To be a part of the pyramid under construction it requires lots of sand.

They and I
Who want to try?

The size of the particle will determine the amount of contributions it had made to reach the apex.

Most of the sand will fall free on the ground.

Intense battle

And those who can stay on the pyramid are not guaranteed and can be replaced.

Humans are borned to be unique

This is natural

They have their own unique style of living and doing things.

Passion also comes naturally.

No-one can predict or plan for it

I am just a human as those all around the world

A Same natural Human-being


Any thoughts or questions?

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