Strange times and me

Strange times and me

When i was looking behind the sea

the whole sky comes to knee

this is the blue water and mirror already

my image is unclear

that liquid is not so steady

my stomach is now burning

feeling hungry I’m not learning

there is something still remaining

my body parts are now paining

Oh! I got a safe island along night against me

and having some short coconut tree

their numbers are in three

with bunch full of them hanging I can see

Night was bright as the moon came out of the cloud

my hunger is all over

After climbing short trees not tower

That’s too much yawning

Few are drunken in the morning

there goes my boat like corvette 

to the destination that can’t wait

I have been sailing it for miles
and lot to go again

with the huge waves appreciating for the gain

Singing the song on my name

All they got to do

is to play the same

Lifting me high , pulling down and pushing me to my way 

‘Few words I had said and few are yet to say’

I’m insecure all the way for my journey

I can take chances but I won’t take any

As I had taken  too many

time is few so it’s hard to talk to you

I agree that I’m late

I accept it honestly

i have to speed up

or has to see

See you all again with my

Strange times and me

`All rights reserved`


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