Are you searching for Syria? then SavetheChildren

  Here to search then : Explore the Syrian refugee crisis, in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency This is what i was concerned about in my previous post #We Reform Please,take a look on SavetheChildren , I think you must watch it once '_Need for support_ _Need for silence_  _Need for SYRIA_'  ... Continue Reading →

From endless sky choose some

Some some together makes a complete one The cycle goes on and it learn to -Have some -Do some -Loose some -Get some -Live some -be AWESOME Zeron+ /thank u for your support/

Strange times and me

Strange times and me "When i was looking behind the sea the whole sky comes to knee this is the blue water and mirror already my image is unclear that liquid is not so steady my stomach is now burning feeling hungry I'm not learning there is something still remaining my body parts are now... Continue Reading →

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